Glossary of Terms

Sometimes we've had to use specific terms in the website (particularly in the descriptions of our hosting packages), so we've included the list of definitions below so it's clear what we mean when we use them:

 · Domain names:

Domain names are memorable words or phrases that are used to identify your website or e-mail address (e.g. Different domain extensions are registered in different countries (e.g. is registered in the United Kingdom; .com is registered in the United States and is registered in Japan). There are over 700 domain extensions available in over 240 countries.

 · Web space:

Web space is used for physically storing the files which are used by your websites, FTP sites and any e-mail you receive. Websites which use lots of pictures or videos will need more web space than those which are more text oriented.

 · Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred by people visiting your website, FTP site or sending you e-mail over a defined period of time (typically 1 month). For example, 5GB = 5120MB, so a website that used 1MB of web space could be viewed in its entirety over 5000 times per month.

 · E-mail accounts:

E-mail accounts provide access to individual mailboxes associated with your account. The number of e-mail accounts available for your account determines the number of individual mailboxes you can have, although each mailbox can have an unlimited number of e-mail addresses associated with it.

 · FTP accounts:

FTP accounts allow you to control who has access to modify content on specific parts of your website.

 · Databases:

Databases are used for more complex websites and allow developers to include functionality such as forums or manage user accounts for visitors to the site.

 · Sub-domains:

Sub-domains allow you to create a separate website using the same domain name as your main site. For example, you might have as your primary domain, but want to create a sub-site such as for testing new versions of your site.

 · Parked domains:

Parked domains allow you assign multiple domain names to the same website. For example, you might have as you primary domain, but want to take visitors to the same site.

 · Addon domains:

Addon domains allow you host completely separate websites under different domain names on the same account.